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  • Information Broker / Marketing & Communications Specialist

    What do I offer as Information Broker / Marketing & Communications Specialist?

    Information Broker / Marketing & Communications Specialist is one of my other consulting services to help you find informations to make your business more prosperous. I will do some “Knowledge Crunching” for you as Information Broker.

    This means you can hire me to research data for you.

    With my business background, I’m skilled in a variety of areas, particularly forms of research, and have the tools and knowledge needed to find out exactly what you as my client need to know for your business. My knowledge base is broad: I have acquired high degrees in French Language, Literature, Linguistics and Semiotics, Marketing, Communication. I have worked in diverse sectors in different countries.

    I love to search for data and have good research skills.

    I like to call myself “Knowledge Cruncher”. I am a veracious digester of information as my mind is “hungry” to learn and crunch new data in order to make sense of it. As a “Knowledge Cruncher” I have a gift for translating complex scientifically written information into digest actionable insights in various forms (lectures, workshops, conferences, videos, podcasts, and articles). I share best practices and translated research into language and strategies everyone can use. I motivate and help people improve their performance, efficacy, and enjoyment in what they do.

    I collect information for you from diverse resources depending on your subject. In this research process, I gain insights and I propose you strategies that could be used to develop your business, or even new breakthroughs such a new start-up idea.

    For example, businesses who are looking to copyright a name or logo or patent a product, I will research and determine whether or not it has already been thought up or is being used elsewhere. I can give you feedback about branding, merchandising, communication and marketing strategy. I am able to do specific types of research about copyrights or marketing strategies. I have excellent written and oral communication skills.

    I speak Serbian, Croatian, English, French. I have some notions of Macedonian, Russian and Italian Language.
    I operate mostly in France and in the Balkans.

    Basic steps in our cooperation would be:

    Once I am hired by a company, I will have to sit with the business owners or marketing department to find out exactly what you need to be researched. Once, I have all the information I need, I use a variety of research strategies and techniques to find and confirm that all the information is correct and up to date. I adjust to clients’ needs to produce original content and programs for marketing their businesses.

    Types of Services

    I can help with Research, Training, Consulting, Marketing & Communications Services.

    Information Broker / Marketing & Communications Specialist - GiftedLab Consulting

    1. I can conduct interviews, surveys, focus groups to get at the heart of clients’ needs. I help them better understand and implement information strategies to competitively grow their businesses.

    2. I’m good at scouring the internet, databases and literature to find the unfindable.

    3. I help clients with merchandising, marketing campaign planning, brand and web site design.

    4. I help in preparation of speaking/presentations, training, and do the translation of documents

    5. I assist in managing web projects: plan, organise, build and manage strategic part in creation of effective web sites: assessing & comparing web site to
    others, defining the audience and purpose, determining site content,
    structuring content groups, creating the site layout, and creating
    the work plan.

    Travelling: if needed. If interested in my services, contact me.

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    Knowledge is the light that illuminates
    our path through life.

    Mihajlo Pupin