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  • BrainLab & Sensory Diet Workshop

    1/2 day, 1 day workshop, 8-week long & design your own workshop
    In person
    Ref: BSDW
    Price: up to 225€ per person

    Activity Description

    BrainLab & Sensory Diet Workshop combines the elements of Right Brain Education, SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) focused on self-regulation and self-relaxation methods. We will instruct children on social-emotional competencies but also show them how to enhance their overall learning and creative capacities.

    Need to be reserved in advance. Contact us!


    • Help children develop cognitive abilities, emotional stability, creativity, ability to concentrate, memorization, a sense of observation, and intuition
    • Enhance a positive attitude towards themselves and the world around them
    • Get core learning benefits such as photographic memory, speed reading, language mastery, super creativity

    The Next Sessions


    Children and teenagers



    Teaching Method and Strategies


    Follow-up and Evaluation Procedures




    Detailed programme

    • Brain Gym – synchronized movements for both sides of the body that coordinates and improves the balance of the Left and Right Brain Hemispheres; enhance optimal brain functioning
    • Eye Gym – eye gymnastics that strengthens and relaxes the eye muscles and thus improves vision, focus, and concentration
    • Alpha Waves Music: music that helps children to relax, concentrate and focus more easily
    • Introduction to the “grammar of emotions” with the help of emotion cards and other materials that we use in SEL
    • Positive affirmations and visualization exercises adapted to children
    • Dance creates a cheerful and stimulating atmosphere and environment for children
    • Short animated movies increase the level of motivation, empathy and promote positive values.
    • Breathing exercises: blood oxygenation; oxygen goes to the brain and helps to clear the brain and increase concentration
    •  Relaxation exercises: in today’s world of excessive digitalization and fast-paced rhythm, the basics of yoga and mindfulness help children to calm down, get to know each other better and improve their ability to observe
    • Blindfolded activities: activate other senses that are neglected and strengthen the intuition on which the child begins to rely more
    • Group games create a sense of harmony among the workshop participants