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  • Miona’s Classroom

    In Miona’s Classroom, You can choose, on one side, Miona’s Classes and Courses, and on the other, Other Contributors Classes and Courses and Junior Contributors Webinars. 

    In Miona’s Classes and Courses, You can learn with me all levels of French Language, French Literature, Civilisation, Culture, Cuisine, French “L’Art De Vivre”, but also become more knowledgeable about thing I’ve also got a degree in:  Marketing & Communication, Linguistics & Semiotics, especially subjects very dear to me, Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Children and Adults, Social Emotional Learning (SEL). I both tutor and coach on this last topic and propose myself to work with (gifted, talented and 2e) children in 1-to-1 and group sessions.

    I also propose Other Contributors Classes and Courses and Junior Contributors Webinars. I invite other passionate teachers, tutors, even young people to spread their knowledge on GiftedLab’s learning platform.  I want to gather on GiftedLab Learning Platform people who are passionate about some topics and this passion makes them the best suitable to teach others about what they love and know the best.

    You can learn different subjects but common value shared in Miona’s Classroom are:

    • The importance of learning something new every day
    • Education is considered as a partnership between students, parents, and teachers
    • All children/teenagers can learn and be successful students

    It is my belief that academic success is finding the instruction and support that best meets the learner’s individual needs and match with his/her unique set of strengths/gifts. That is why I support non-standard learning community.

    My goal with creation of GiftedLab’s Learning Platform is to help students develop into successful, independent learners who realise the power of learning, develop their self-consciousness about their strengths and talents and keep the joy of learning for life!