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  • GiftedLab Podcast

    What will GiftedLab’s Podcast be about?


    Episodes of BookCast ‒ Audio BooKRunching:

    I will share thinking and strategies around books that you can use in your own teaching and parenting. It will be audio presentation and discussion around books about giftedness, creativity, social-emotional needs of gifted, Social Emotional Learning books and programs. Interview with authors, when possible, will be included.

    Unique U(s) Podcast

    Learning more about Strengths-Based Approach through others people experiences:

    This podcast for teens and young adults is designed to show them how to discover their passions and create their own success stories.

    You’ll have the chance to find out more about experiences of others (children, parents, educators, individuals, and teams) who have passed strengths-based assessments, 1-to-1 and workshop and hear more in detail how this knowledge about their strengths worked for them.

    Coping with High IQ

    Interviews and Exchange with Gifted, Talented and 2E people

    I will interview (young) people who have already or about to accomplish great things. Here you can learn
    how to think big, and go for it!

    Educators’ Sessions

    We will also listen to Educators’ Sessions in order to celebrate teachers and a joy of teaching, and discuss challenges of teaching of smart, gifted, talented and 2E children. Educators sharing educational tips will be of great use for others…