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  • Café for Parents – Introducing Early & Circular Career Counselling

    Topic Summary

    The key value of GiftedLab is to encourage each person to use their unique set of talents and to build a life related to their passion. In these one-hour sessions, we will talk about a very important topic: early and circular career development.  As I am accredited to do assessments, coaching sessions, and workshops, I help in the process of recognizing a unique set of people’s talents.  In short, I do sessions with children, teenagers, youth, and adults who want to have a successful career start and/or want to redirect it in another direction. In my work on noticing the potential of the youngest, I focus on the “nano” level of the child’s functioning: how to find a scheme in the way they act, process information, and how they treat other people. Perceiving potential is not limited to seeking academic skills and potential.

    I will propose 4 meetings by the end of February 2022, once a month, every month, starting from Monday 08/11/2021. (See dates below.)

    To sign up, you need to register for these free sessions. The registration button is below.

    Type of Group: Guided Discussion Group
    Sessions Fees Free of charge
    Dates Info : 08/11/2021 - 06/12/2021 - 17/01/2022 - 07/02/2022 
    Maximal number of Attendees: No limit
    Sessions in details

    Mon, Nov 08, 2021, Online
    Mon, Dec 06, 2021, Online 
    Mon,  Jan 17, 2022, Online

    Mon,  Feb 07, 2022, Online

    Duration: 1h

    When: 20h – 21h

    Miona Majstorović
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