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  • Strengths-Based Parenting – Career Guidance for Parents and Children

    Strengths-Based Parenting – Career Guidance for Parents and Children – Why is it important?

    Career choice is one of the hardest choices to make in life for a young person. This great personal responsibility for career planning happens far too early in one person’s life.

    Another real problem is following: how to help your child excel in a world where billion people are going to lose their job until 2040, with professions that are going to be replaced by technology and robots. They need to learn new skills for this new postindustrial era. In most of schools, children learn things ideal for industrial and manufacturing era that have nothing to do with their future job occupations.

    Nowadays, if career counselling is even done in some schools, they don’t prepare the child for possible future changes, because mostly overworked guidance counsellors don’t have the time to research at unique set of potentials that hides in every child. They focus on much broader colleges choices and more broadly chosen professions. Offering the best academic and social/emotional fit for a child rarely comes in question.

    Age range of children

    It’s for every child starting from the age of 10. Under the age of 10, I instruct parents how to do strengths spotting. For Strengths-Based Parenting workshop, see more about here. What are the benefits of Strengths-Based Career Consulting Services for parents and children?

    You, Parents will learn to:

    •  Spot the strengths of your child(ren) so you can offer experiences that fit the best for your child’ academic and social/emotional
    • Help, in long term, children navigate the life with full use of their gifts
    • Help your (very) young child navigate his own career path and remain alert long before options are closed.
    • Be present, only give support in this delicate process as parent and NOT directly influence child’s career choice
    • Direct your child(ren) where to gain real knowledge of the nature of the career or work world they wish to enter
    • Help your child(ren) be aligned with his/her personal mission. Support them be better able to react to changes, uncertainties,
      and unplanned events, positive or negative.

    With Strengths-Based Approaches I will propose you, you’ll be able to help your child(ren) in being aware of strengths better than he/she/they could do it before passing Strengths-Based Assessments. The key is to help your child(ren) discover genuine interests linked with their strengths and then come up with ways of pursuing these interests in interesting ways, practicing for big career decision that every child has to do after finishing high school. To enter best schools, it’s not about doing more, it’s about being interesting. The best colleges like to see commitment & authenticity when recruiting candidates. In the same time, you, as parent, will learn more about your personal set of strengths and how they can be useful for your own personal and professional development.

    Possible Types of Assessment

    • Strengths Spotting for very young children: at-least-10-years old children; Parents of children under the age of 10 are instructed how to do strengths spotting with children
    • Strengths and Career Profiling (ideally from the age of 14 years old but it’s possible to do it earlier)
    • Strengths & Career Profiling for Adults

    Strengths -Based Assessment Process Description

    I use a series of methodologies/online tools to suit different contexts and challenges.
    I work most of the time with Strengths Profile but use other existing online Strengths-Based Assessments that reveal themes of talents.
    I organise 1-to-1 consulting sessions. I also do small-group workshops where the synergy of different people and their unique point of view offer measurable added value and is very useful to get larger perspective of your strengths profile.
    A whole process is composed of three to four in-person or video meetings.
    Each meeting is one hour long and Includes review of test results from online assessments and my personal, written and oral feedback.

    Session 1
    Getting to know a person, his/her needs, online assessments prescription (what is the best for him/her to chose as assessment)

    Session 2
    Session where we analyse together the results of online chosen strengths-based approach assessments.

    Session 3
    We chose one project or goal and we work together to see how individual’s strengths can dial up to his /her success. After that, we chose some strategies how to compensate weaknesses. I help you find one or more things that can be motivating for your child(ren) to hold on to and willingly participate in these strategies. These strengths that we’ll discover, can be applied at home, in the classroom, at work, and out in the world.

    Session 4
    In this phase, we take into account the environment and potential triggers when crafting our action plan. Parents and children gain some useful tools.

    Important notice
    If their child is under 10 years old, the only way to do the assessment is by observing a child. In order to this, a parent will need to apply information that they acquired in session with me and from resources I gave them. The best solution is to do the strengths-based assessment where we review together parent’s profile and then to observe their child from this new perspective. I will propose resources in order to be able to do observation of the child if under 10 years old. There are tests that are done with children under the age of 10, but they are part of another program.

    Here’s what I won’t do

    I see myself as strengths practitioner who does not “mould” my clients but rather can create optimal conditions for their growth and development.

    I can’t tell you what you, or your child should do exactly. I can only give you some hypothesis that come out as conclusion of sessions.
    Strengths-based assessments and sessions are meant to open a new perspective to you in unlocking your or your child’s potentials.
    If working directly with teens and young adults, my consulting sessions are designed to show them how to discover their “nano” functioning and their passions. My goal is to show students how to be authentic, how to discover their true interests and we make hypothesis together, using test results, about how they function the best in working environment. The goal is to have teenagers that aren’t stressed, overwhelmed, and afraid they won’t get into a “good” school and have “good life”.

    How do I get started?

    I will need to speak with you to see if my services are the right approach for you.
    Once we have spoken briefly by phone and have agreed to meet, I will ask that you:
    complete a fill out form
    and submit online payment by at least one day in advance.
    Meetings are available in person, via phone or videoconferencing.

    What will it cost?

    50 euros an hour + cost for online assessments (depend
    how many of assessments need to be done)

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