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  • How To Be Good Enough Parent for Gifted Children?

    9 events (13h30 hours)
    Price: 20€

    Activity Description

    The obligation of parents of gifted children to adequately deal with their children growing up is greater because of the risk of negative consequences for the child’s socio-emotional development and the more complex exploitation of the child’s potential.
    We propose a series of 8 webinars + an introductory webinar about the main points in gifted child parenting.  Enjoy the knowledge crunching about giftedness with me that will help you parent with more ease!



    Enhancing parenting skills when we have a gifted child.
    We will go through their common characteristics, behaviors, profiles, communication styles. We will hear in which form their specific inner world and functioning create complex life scenarios and why there’s a necessity to start to work on an early career development plan and on social-emotional skills in a way that encompasses their inner complexities.


    The Next Sessions

    • 29/03/2022
      20:00 CET






    Teaching Method and Strategies


    Follow-up and Evaluation Procedures

    Possibility to enroll in some other programs we propose.

    Detailed programme

    Introductory Webinar: How To Be Good Enough Parent for Gifted Children? (free of charge)
    Webinar n° 1: Gifted Children from 6 months to 6 years old
    Webinar n° 2: Characteristics and Gifted Types
    Webinar n° 3: Communicate with Gifted Children
    Webinar n° 4: Career Guidance for Gifted
    Webinar n° 5:  Social-Emotional Competencies
    Webinar n° 6: Self-Regulation
    Webinar n° 7: Perfectionism
    Webinar n° 8: Multipotentiality in Gifted
    Webinars will be is in Serbian.