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    Throughout the year, GiftedLab offers a range of courses about SEL skills ( social-emotional learning ). I, whenever it’s possible, optionally introduce SEL into my classes/courses with other academic subjects. I’m a holder of a university certificate in this discipline. I’m trained to teach SEL.

    How GiftedLab support SEL?

    I want to support the progress of high quality  SEL in schools and everywhere else ( family, workplace ) so that all aduld and young people can progress. As SECD specialist, I’m committed to provide a wide range opportunities related to CASEL’s five competencies: self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

    As SECD Specialist,  I support SEL through:

    • Creation of CASEL-Aligned Courses
    • Children Coaching Sessions
    • Consulting in Schools
    • Consulting in Firms

    Miona Majstorović Lemaître
    SECD / SEL Specialist
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    About Me

    As SECD Specialist, I help smart, creative, intense, or sensitive young people enhance self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-reliance, learn how to dial down weaknesses, compensate them and solve their interpersonal relationship challenges. I work with them directly, through SEL coaching sessions, teaching SEL classes and courses I create or indirectly, through consulting sessions I offer to schools and educators. SEL is one of the domains where I strongly believe we need to give extra care in order to see children’s potentials spread as well as to keep their personalities, motivation and health intact in this confusing world.


    Emotions & Feelings
    Self-Awareness and Self-Management
    Social Awareness and Relationship skills
    Responsible Decision Making
    Relationships and Conflict Resolutions
    Communication, Collaboration, and Teamwork
    Courage and Perseverance
    Setting goals