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  • Miona’s Workshops for Adults

    Miona’s Workshops for Adults are proposed because many people get into adult life without knowing how to use their inner gifts/potentials/strengths. Many very talented and creative people even believe that they haven’t so much to offer. This expert for gifted adults demontrates my saying:

    “Most gifted adults have never been identified as such. Many mistake their different ways of experiencing the world as signs of immaturity or character flaws. Some even misinterpret their panoramic mental processes and intensities as craziness.”

    Mary Elaine Jacobsen

    You as a client of GiftedLab and a member of GiftedLab Community have a chance to learn useful and practical skills which will allow you to effectively manage what comes your way (stress, mental, emotional, relational, creative opportunities, obstacles, complexities and challenges) that you face in your life because you’ll simply grow in self-awareness, find your compass and know where you stand for.

    With workshops I created, I help you get conscious about this awkward position of many adults that have so much to give but their gifts stay blocked and hidden. It’s very complex to grow up and put things clear in our head about who we are, what we like. The process of individualisation (becoming ourselves) for some of us last much longer than for others who seem to find their way in the world much easier….or maybe they’re more pragmatic and more capable to shun their inner yearning for individualisation.

    Like I felt relief few years ago, I hope to see you experience the same relief  when gaining understanding of your own “gifted” profile. In order to highlight strengths and gifts and liberate their untapped potential, I propose this set of workshops to help you reconnect with them. To get you on your right path, you need a right pair of keys to unlock the mystery: the main key is knowledge that will help you set up for success once you understand your inner functioning and complexities. I hope I can help you learn strategies for success at home – with partners and children, in the workplace, and with other adults. More important, I want to show you how to gain invaluable tools for finding and maintaining joy and fulfillment of being you and developing “authentic you”.
    Let’s works together to find your strengths/gifts and your unique set of talents.
    Here’s how I can help and what I offer to you:

    Multipotentiality – How to find my Personal Magic Formula? Workshop

    Workshop to help people with strong multipotentiality trait to explore possibility of personalised, multiple or combined, hybrid career.

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     Do you Speak Emotions? Workshops

    Workshops with SEL/SENG elements where we learn about emotions and other elements of Emotional IQ obtaining better social-emotional savvy as consequence.

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    Communication Workshops

    Series of workshops to gain deeper knowledge about communication science that stands behind enhanced skills of communication with others.

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