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  • Educational Consulting for Gifted, Talented, and 2e

    Educational Consulting for Gifted, Talented, and 2E GiftedLab ConsultingAs a parent, you’re most probably familiar with the following situations:
    • Your child feels like an outcast and worry about everything.
    • He/she challenges rules because he/she has “a better way”.
    • He/she is prone to engage in power struggles with you, even over simple requests.
    • He/she seems overly sensitive to criticism.
    • He/she struggles to complete tasks like homework and chores.
    • He/she is so self-critical that resists completing or turning in work unless it is “perfect”.
    • He/she complains and shows frustration with school.
    • He/she melts down frequently and shows anger.
    • He/she is so overwhelmingly curious so he/she bombards you with questions.
    • Relating to peers is somehow of a struggle for him/her.
    • His/her immense energy leaves you exhausted.

    You as a parent, you may feel ashamed and start to question yourself, your parenting style, child’s behavior.  You will need a greater amount of resilience to face enormous peer pressure as people around you, even friends and family may not understand your situation or your child’s needs.

    Challenges are even greater when your child is 2e or highly or profoundly gifted. Learning differences, already present between an “ordinary” gifted child and a child within the normal range of intelligence, are even more obvious when your child is 2e or extremely and profoundly gifted. The school systems are not at all adapted to them:1 child in 1000 has an IQ of 145. These children have traits and needs different than “ordinary“ gifted. You will not find a lot of support in school either.  It’s all up to you to set things straight for your child and help him/her become the outlier that is born to become.

    If you ask yourself, what is 2e, it’s an abbreviation for giftedness in combination with ADHD,
    dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, etc. – called twice-exceptionality.

    Education Consulting for Gifted, Talented, and 2e helps provide a new framework for understanding yourself and your child, obtain tools for managing barriers, and get guidelines for future educational directions but also clearer ideas on how to cultivate a unique set of your child’s strengths.

    What happens during GiftedLab Educational Consultation Session?

    During our initial meeting, I will quickly gather information about your most imperative concerns, together with relevant history related to you or your child. I will ask about your goals. We will try to develop a plan for achieving your goals and focus on your specific concerns. I will try to help you come up with the best solution to the problem.

    I offer 1-to-1 sessions to parents but also to teachers, educators, administrators who work with gifted children. The 1-to-1 consulting session is a powerful way to fully understand challenges and implement solutions.
    I am specialized in socio-emotional aspects of giftedness. I also facilitate parents’, educators’, students’ discussion groups, and I am a presenter at gifted conferences. I work with pre-elementary, elementary, middle, and high school children. I also work in collaboration with few experts of gifted and 2e education.

    Common questions include tackling these challenging concerns:
    • Types of giftedness
    • Typical issues linked with giftedness
    • Parenting gifted kids, stress management and coping mechanisms
    •  gifted children “normality”: understanding asynchronous development, overexcitabilities, and other developmental challenges
    • Understanding affective needs of the gifted
    • Assisting you in decision-making about testing, enrichment, acceleration, or types of schooling

    I can also help with:

    • Setting educational and early career goals, college planning goals for gifted students / See in Consulting Strengths-Based Career Consulting Services
    • Training educators to form and lead student discussion groups and strengths-based sessions
    • Training parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and mental health professionals on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness
    • Propose SEL training in practice for educators, parents, and children.
    • Connecting you with specific experts (a psychotherapist, psychologist, or other specialists providing support, and offering a fresh perspective). See in Resources “List of experts“

    Educational Consulting Assessment Description

    The goal is to assist a parent in forming a sort of partnership with professionals (educators, administrators, etc.).
    After reviewing documents, written feedbacks, and action plans, I discuss with and advise parents how to create a mutually supportive team around them, and avoid provoking child(ren)’s or educators‘ defensive attitude.

    I share tips on how to enhance a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. We take into account the child’s personality traits, environment, and potential triggers when crafting our plan. The benefits for parents come from sharing their child’s school history and from back and forth sharing of information and techniques with me about the best way to help a child thrive.

    I encourage parents and educators of gifted, talented, and 2e children to:
    • praise children & their uniqueness
    • teach the importance of effort
    • be aware of the child’s learning style
    • teach children to listen to their inner drummer and intuition
    • provide complex and challenging experiences
    • help them develop verbal capacity, critical, creative, and divergent thinking
    • support healthy risk-taking & setbacks
    • help children balance a social life with school life
    • help gifted children find mentors & make school a meaningful experience

    What will Educational Consultation Session cost?

    Educational Consultation is conducted by phone or videoconferencing.

    My fee for the initial consultation is 160€ per session (120-minutes long meeting to develop a support plan), and any follow-up session is 80€ per one-hour-long session.

    I also work with your child 1-to-1 as a learning coach. Meetings are available via phone or videoconferencing.

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    I will refer you, if it’s clear that my consultation would not serve your needs, to the appropriate expert services if I already have one expert in mind, if not, I will contact my community to help you find the needed service (psycho-educational evaluation, psychotherapy or other). I plan to create a page with a list of experts we collaborate with within the near future. For other educational /psychological services:

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