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  • Early & Circular Career Development – Strengths-Based Consulting Services

    4 hour-long initial consultation
    In person
    Price: 50€- 90€ per session

    Activity Description

    It serves to recognize and encourage each person to use a unique set of talents and build a life around his/her passion.

    Early Career Development stands for sessions that I do with children, teens, and young adults. Circular Career Development stands for sessions I take with adults where we work together to search for their unique pattern, the key to unlock their potential and to find a career in accord with their unique set of talents.


    Better use of talents combined with better feelings skills, emotions management, and greater self-awareness.

    The Next Sessions


    All: parents, children, educators, professionals/teams, gifted, talented, and 2e



    Teaching Method and Strategies


    Follow-up and Evaluation Procedures

    Possibility to book more sessions after the initial consulting session.

    Detailed programme

    Session 1
    Getting to know a person, his/her needs, online assessments prescription (what is the best for him/her to chose as assessment)

    Session 2
    The session where we analyze together the results of online chosen strengths-based approach assessments.

    Session 3
    We chose one project or goal and we work together to see how an individual’s strengths can dial up to his /her success. After that, we chose some strategies how to compensate for weaknesses. I help you find one or more things that can be motivating for you, your child(ren) to hold on to and willingly participate in these strategies. These strengths that we’ll discover can be applied at home, in the classroom, at work, and out in the world.

    Session 4
    In this phase, we take into account the environment and potential triggers when crafting our action plan.