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  • Miona’s Classes and Courses: Me as a Tutor

    Online 1-to-1 and Small-Group Tutoring Classes

    It is about a tailor-made tutoring experience for passion-based learners!

    I offer all classes à la carte to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of learners. It is gifted, talented, and 2e (twice exceptional) friendly because these students often have their rhythm of acquiring knowledge.

    My wish is to nurture critical and creative thinking, social-emotional competencies in a diverse community of (gifted) learners by providing a supportive and flexible online learning environment.

    During 50- or 60 minutes long classes, I will emphasize critical thinking and the development of social-emotional competencies. This means that I will encourage children to draw their connections between ideas and I will introduce elements of SEL when possible, to make learning more applicable to life.

    Online Courses

    My online courses should appeal to learners who crave new challenges and believe that learning is fun! It will consist of live (and registered) webinars, virtual classroom activities, and engaging and “fun” home assignments depending on the type, of course, the student takes. There will be acceleration options for asynchronous learners. Some of the subjects that we will do, can be useful to apply in the students’ classes at school.

    During a 50- or 60-minute long live webinar, we interact with one another, or in the case of a group, students interact with his/her classmates (peer interaction in a synchronous classroom). We have live webinars at a fixed time. Those who missed it can watch the registered webinar.
    I use interactive technology in my Classroom. Sessions are recorded for later viewing if a student misses a session or wish to review the material.

    Outside of webinars, students learn on their schedule by completing assignments throughout the week. These assignments may include quizzes, readings, videos, written discussion forums, artistic projects, oral presentations, and more! Assignments are designed to be both fun and educational while allowing for differences in student personalities and academic strengths.

    See what I offer as classes and courses

    MIONA’s Classroom | Categories of Miona’s Classes and Courses

    Classes and Courses - French Language, Culture, and Cuisine
    Coaching - Social and Emotional Learning SEL Coach
    Learning Coach for Gifted, Talented and 2e children
    Courses - Linguistics and Semiology
    Courses - Communication
    Courses - Social Emotional Learning (SEL)