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  • Miona’s Workshops for Teams and Organisations

    Empowering Teams and Organisations

    Miona’s Workshops for Teams and Organisations are a response to a growing need in today’s business world to ensure the authentic participation of all.  It seems we had enough of “old school” hierarchical meeting that do not listen to what others have to say…We need different formats of meetings and work organisation that facilitate the use of potentials of everybody in a team as well as caring and interest in what everyone really think and can contribute. The core value of underpinning a facilitative format of meetings is to show that authentic, group wide participation is really wanted.


    Miona’s Workshops for Teams and Organisations support participatory modes of leadership empowering individuals and teams. It’s a democratic, all-inclusive, playful, goal-driven and constructive mode where we co-create together, where participation is based on respect, and shared responsibility for action. In this mode of collaboration, energy is constructively focused on human to human encounter. This is more advanced, more democratic and more effective model of leadership that builds community. It yields real development and growth of every individual in the team.

    My personal experience in business made me realise all of the above was and stays very much needed as potentials/gifts of people stay, much too often, undiscovered and unused in business world of today. That’s why one of GiftedLab’s missions is to make people better by empowering them – “saving” their talents and helping detect what potential/talent they have. I ‘ve also been fan of the LEGO Group work and brand philosophy ever since I‘ve have done my professional thesis about co-creation in 2010 at ESCP Europe. I strongly believe that applying knowledge about co-creation and organising workshops in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology can bring change not only how we organise and do our working meetings but also how we use untapped potentials of our team members.

    Methods that I practice and offer here in Miona’s Workshop Room, can contribute to a better usage of potentials of people and more rapid spread of participatory modes of leadership, not dominant in today’s business world. With workshops in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, co-creation, and strength-based team workshops, I help firms tap into unrealised strengths and values of their teams and help them co-create new value. Workshops in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, as well as Co-Creation and Strength-Based Team Workshops as facilitated process of delivering extra value, will help you to tailor-made job description for you, your team and propose new meaningful value for your customers. I got the full and complete training necessary to master all aspects of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials, as well as Co-Creation and Strengths-based methods (accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner). I successfully implement these methods in GiftedLab’s consulting sessions and team building workshops.


    Workshop in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods

    Workshop with this hands-on, minds-on learning methodology enhance innovation, business performance, deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone in the team.

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    Co-Creation Workshop 

    Collaborative Workshops where we stimulate  idea generation, creation of prototypes with capitalising on know-how, internal resources  of project teams and/or clients/consumers.

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    Strengths-Based Workshop for Teams, Organisations

    Workshops where we can get more clarity about team members’ strengths and unused talents in one particular context of professional activity.

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