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    About Workshop:


    What is Co-Creation Workshop about?

    Co-Creation Workshop is a sort of collaborative workshop, a working meeting or series of working participative meetings that can happen offline or online (when we use co-creation platforms). It demands a mindset to accept innovative approach of bringing new products, new business ideas, management organisation to life with the help of knowledge, insights and creativity of your community. You can invite your internal community of employees or external community composed of your customers, partners, and collaborators to participate in co-creation of new and attractive products and services. Co-creation is possible innovation process with all your brand stakeholders : your clients, employees, partners or fans.

    Whether we use co-creation online platforms, “Post it” method, Design Thinking, or any other offline method during a workshop, we generate new ideas for products, organisation and services that would advance your business, teamwork and synergy of your community.


    Why I do Co-creation Workshops?

    I want to help my clients envision what their operations could look like in the future if they use their own talents, community and technical expertise to find the sweet spot of feasibility, viability, and desirability and make it a reality.
    Thanks to my solid knowledge of the business environment, professional thesis about co-creation done at business school ESCP Europe Paris, certification to become facilitator in The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, specialisation in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL/SECD, SENG), and my practice as Strength-Based Consultant, I have detailed and profound understanding how multiple talents of people and people’s strengths can have positive impact in collaborative process of using collective intelligence, and provide efficient and innovative solutions as result. I will combine several methods so that you can co-create projects, products and services that unleash your community’s strengths and creativity. This process will empower them.

    With wide spread of co-creation phenomenon, innovation has gone out of the laboratories and research institutes. It’s “on the streets” now and potentially in everybody’s hands. New opportunities for innovation open up when you start the creative problem-solving process using empathy toward your target audience – empathy is the key for success whether you do co-creation with colleagues, clients, partners or consumers. The real value of use of community creativity doesn’t emerge until you are brave enough to act on those ideas.

    How do we co-create?

    In co-creation process, we work with your own team (internal community and stakeholders), focusing on individuals’ insights and experience. This process can provide an efficient set of tools to drive change and impact in your organisation, creating new values, new products, new services, starting from a pitch for a new product you want to put on the market. In GiftedLab we can organise that you get in closer touch and conversation with your external community too (your consumers, your collaborators and partners).


    To understand purpose, we need to understand what are main steps and main obstacles to co-creation:
    First obstacle is about common position of business people.

    They ask for solutions and avoid tackling problems. What kind of solutions can we create if we don’t start with problem?! In co-creation process, we start by naming the problem/specific challenge and, as a result of co-creation process, we can come to a solution by using the power, strengths and knowledge of your team members. This process of co-creation isn’t just about creative ideas. Generating a lot of ideas is just the easy part. The challenge of the first step is to help you clarify your ideas, your problem and identify the key ingredients that will allow you to effectively express the core of you project or main issues that stop your form advancing. If these ideas are not aiming to solve the right problem, then they serve for nothing. You need to understand the context to be able to reframe the problem. We need to use our empathy like designers are doing in design process in order to understand the user and his problem, so that we can create a solution – product, service, site, app or whatever it is they are designing that will appropriately suit someone’s needs.

    Another block on the road to co-creation is that people often think about, and call themselves non-creative. They lack in creative confidence because they didn’t receive enough of positive feedback from their primal environment. In GiftedLab, we work with people to persuade them with proofs (results of test assessments etc.) to unblock their potentials/ gifts that lie in every one of them. We also know how to “strengths spot” people so this can enhance even more the process of unlocking their potentials. They will let themselves doing things and make non-obvious connections realising they’re creative “beasts” with million ideas per day. They will be surprised to see flipcharts and wall full of post-its they made.

    The problems we can work on in one co-creation workshop (series) can be various and diverse:

    • clarify team vision
    •  advertise our product/ services
    • pitch our ideas of project that need to be funded
    • create solution, products, service, site, app
    • even tackle topics like smart cities, ecology, transportation and many more…

    Why is Design Thinking Method useful in Co-Creation?

    Design Thinking method used in co-creation workshops, involves a human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. If we do the co-creation workshop with your customers we start our mission by talking to users! We come back with lots of insights and useful information. Co-creation session made for these purpose, can be online, on platforms or offline, in real life workshops.

    In real life sessions, we can think with our hands by using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and materials. The truth is that we learn most of the things by doing. We don’t learn from plans or from PowerPoint presentations. We learned to ride a bicycle by many “test and try”, failing until we made it… Why should creating a product, a service, new way of managing an organisation or crafting a new strategy should be any different? Ask your user/consumer/ employee right away where’s the problem, what doesn’t work for them, learn from their feedback, and not the other way around.


    Questions about Desirability – Feasibility – Viability to Prototyping and Validation

    The process starts from ideas and the ideas aren’t enough. We need to filter our ideas through 3 lenses and following questions of desirability (Is it new? Original? Simple? Will people want to use this?), feasibility (Do we have access to the technology necessary to make that happen? Or can we develop it internally?) and viability (Is it sustainable on the long term economically, socially and ecologically?)

    Then comes prototyping and validation by your users. It’s imperative to know how to listen to them. Don’t try to convince them, just listen to what they have to say. They know better. If we’re doing the co-creation workshop with your internal stakeholders, team/employees, you are influencing positively your firm in the long run, and activating all the passive knowledge that your employees have. To succeed in co-creation workshop, they need to be themselves and to be playful. Playfulness and getting out of the box are the part of the process. They must be able to experiment, try, test, distort, rebuild and reshape all the time until you find something that works. To succeed in it, place for workshop is important. Get out of the box, get some place where the walls aren’t dull, where nobody will come bother you for some insignificant email you haven’t answered and where you won’t feel the arrogant look of suspicious colleagues. Your colleagues in this process are your close collaborators. Everybody in collaborative mood is welcomed, because co-creation is collaborative discipline, so the more of us, the happier!

    Co-Creation Workshop - Miona's Workshops for Teams and Organisations - Miona's Workshop Room


    • Possible formats of workshops, depending on the number of participants but also the goal of the workshop, can be Half a Day Workshop, Whole day Workshop, 2-Day Workshop and Design Your Own Workshop
    • The best format is: 4 co-creation workshops to help you clarify, structure, and embody your project & 3 feedback phases by GiftedLab to structure, reformulate and design the different content between each workshop
    • Duration: 4, 6/8, and 16 hours
    • Workshops: offline or online
    • Small group workshop (up to 12 persons) are the most effective. The optimal number of participants per one workshop is 3 – 12 participants. Increasing the number of participants requires more facilitators.
    • Workshop will follow strict group norms and emphasise respect and support for all participants
    • Workshop will follow design thinking workshop norms and emphasise respect.
    • We can implement programs in our premises or in a location that suits the client. It is important that the chosen hall meets the requirements spatially and technically. This means that the hall must be a comfortable space that allows participants to move during the workshop.


    • Price : to be determined (if interested, please contact me)
    • Pays for work of facilitators
    • Cost of co-creation platform online are not included in price
    • Venue & travelling costs have to be included in case of sessions offline
    • Location: We organise co-creation programs throughout  France, the Balkans region etc. Location should be chosen by the client.
    • Where: To be determined
    • When: To be determined


    1Define the Purpose of the Project
    2Sign the Contract for Co-Creation Workshop
    3Register & Set up Workshop Dates

    Additional information:

    + Example of Platform for Co-creation and Collaboration : https://www.innofication.com/innovation-platform-concept

    + In Co-Creation Workshop,

    You CHOOSE THE TOPIC: core business projects, NPD (new product development), innovation projects, branding, design,      product ideas crowdsourcing, societal issues etc.

    You CHOOSE THE TYPE OF CO-CREATION: it can be both internal and external, only internal/ only external or external        managed by internals, online or in-person workshops

    You CHOOSE THE FORMAT OF CO-CREATION CAMPAIGN: 30, 50, 70 days to 8 months/ 12 months/24 months

    No need for extra internal work load or extra recruitment of staff!

    Book a Workshop Demo

    Workshop Demos can be scheduled throughout a week.Please select the date and time that works best for you:

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    Time Zone of workshop: CET

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