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  • Gifted Adults’ Discussion and Support Groups

    Gifted Adults’ Discussion and Support Groups in Miona’s Talk Room. The giftedness doesn’t go away when we grow up and this is why we‘re organising discussion and support groups for gifted adults, talented and 2e adults

    • Do you experience life differently than others?
    • Are you experiencing challenges related to finding your passion, identity, relationships, or choosing your career/professional path?
    • Have you or your child been identified as gifted?
    • Are you sensitive or even hyper-sensitive?
    • People call you “atypical”?
    • You cannot choose your professional path?
    • Are going through difficulties at work (burn-out, lack of meaning, boredom, procrastination …)?
    • Do you want to change jobs but don’t dare to take the plunge?
    • Difficult to say “No” to others?
    • Do you feel dependent on the gaze of the other?
    • Are you afraid of getting involved as a couple?
    • Do you sometimes feel sad, anxious, stressed, frustrated?
    • Are you a perfectionist?
    • Do you think too much?

    If you find yourself in any of the questions above, joining guided discussion and support group, will be useful to you.


    When : Open Discussion group last Friday in a month / Closed Guided Discussion Group, Workshops or Book Study Scheduled in Advance
    Type of group : Open and Closed Groups (when we work on specific materials such a book study, video, or something similar).
    Duration : Open / Closed group;
    Number of participants : Ideally 15 to 20 (minimum 5); Minimum 5 participants
    Topics : Varied
    Description : Getting information in this open or closed guided discussion group will provoke reflection and introspection, and help you articulate feeling and thoughts in the presence of others who listen and care.
    You will benefit from meeting others who, just like you, experienced universal developmental challenges qualitatively differently from others their age. They also had problems with identifying their talents, strengths, values and drive. They struggled with “fitting in”, with siblings, peers, had “crushes” and breakups, and were anxious about the future. Some struggled with hypocrisy of adults and still struggle with
    these things as adults. Even grown up, they are still confused and frustrated about the sad state of the world and its corruption. They had or still have difficulty managing their complex, fragmented lives. Sometimes they felt and feel like exploding from tension. Being together will others help you cope with all confusing things better.
    Closed groups will be scheduled when we work on specific materials such as books, video materials or something similar.
    Fee : Free of charge if open discussion group, fee is charged if closed guided discussion group, workshops or book study
    How to enroll : Be a member of some of our Facebook groups: GiftedLab’s Club (Open Group) or Parent2Parent SENG SMPG Balkan (Closed Group). If not member of any of these groups but interested to participate in future Gifted Adult discussions, join us here.

    Enroll in the next discussion session here.
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    In GiftedLab, we organise different discussion and support groups in different languages: Serbian, Croatian, French and English.