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    Hello, I am Miona Majstorović Lemaître.

    Hard to describe myself, but I’ll have a go… I see myself as part-translator, part-educator, part-consultant, part-facilitator, part-communicator and part-researcher. All of these are fundamental “building blocks” of multifaceted personality of mine. I like to call myself “Knowledge Cruncher” because this is, in my opinion, the closest word that can describe me. I feel energised and happy when I fulfill my insatiable “need” for information and when I learn something new. Consequently, I have several degrees and certifications in my pocket.

    By my formal education, I am French and English Foreign Language Teacher, Interpreter/Translator but also Marketing and Communication Specialist. I speak several languages. I studied at University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philology) and in France (Sorbonne, ESCP Europe, IESA Multimedia in Paris), and in USA (Rutgers University, Educational Psychology, SECD). My professional experiences are mostly in Marketing and Communication field. I worked in different business sectors (public, banking, retail, and event sector) about 10 years before co-creating NGO Out of Blue in 2018 and starting my consultancy and educational services with  GiftedLab in January 2020.

    Where does my “Knowledge
    Crunching” come from?

    My quest for knowledge can be easier
    understood if you know about
    giftedness with strong multipotentiality
    that goes hand in hand with diverse
    pursuits of many interest, and atypical
    educational and professional journey as
    consequences. Frankly speaking, before
    “connecting all the dots” about my inner
    functioning as person with strong
    multipotentiality, surrounded by
    specialists overcrowding our world and
    very, very scarce samples of
    multipotentials, it was more of a burden
    than of a joy to be like me.

    Magic Word: Giftedness

    Joy and big sense of relief came when I discovered in adulthood that I was gifted. That late discovery really intrigued me to find out more about it. Knowledge that I acquired about social-emotional needs of gifted, talented & 2e since 2014, helped me enormously to set up things straight in my head about characteristics of giftedness. It has nothing to do with pompous and arrogant vision that some people may have about highly intelligent people.
    More importantly, the knowledge about social & emotional functioning of gifted helped me understand that I wasn’t alone: there are typical “life scenarios and patterns” that happen to gifted population if not supported by environment. I learned about my giftedness hard way (see my blog article about it) I realised that the myths about giftedness and negligence caused by myths, do so much wrong (read my blog article about myths about giftedness). Gifted people believe not only that they aren’t gifted but that there’s something wrong with them. That conclusion really made me sad and angry. This inspired me too.

    What have I done about it?

    This is how I found my reasons to put myself into action: publicise critical knowledge about socio-emotional aspect of giftedness, help unlocking the potential of people by discovering their strengths and by spreading social-emotional literacy for all. As I see it, Social-Emotional Competencies (SEC), Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Strengths Profiling, Personalised Life and Career Plan are the missing pieces in puzzle of successful use of gifts that WE ALL have. Therefore, I became certified SECD Specialist, SENG SMPG (Master) Facilitator (SENG – Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted, Talented & 2e) and Strengths-Based Career Consultant. My strong belief is that having more socially and emotionally literate people, conscious of their strengths will help create less dysfunctional families, schools and workplaces. At least, this is where I want to contribute with my work.

    I passionately guide parents and educators on how to understand and address social-emotional needs of all children, including gifted, talented, and 2e strengths and struggles. I propose tutoring, training, guided discussions and other useful activities to children, parents, educators, (gifted) adults.


    But I also support teams and organisations to create collaborative climate where talents of people would be appreciated and applied, and where people feel empowered for what they are. I help working people enhance and develop their personal and professional self-consciousness and skills through Co-Creation, Strengths-Based Consulting, workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and other original creative coaching and collaborative intelligence approaches. This kind of workshops is important “building brick” of what I offer to you in GiftedLab: help you tap into your genuine authenticity and inventiveness. I became certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology because, it translates, together with professional thesis about co-creation, done at ESCP Europe, my drive to see more organisations in “co-creation mode of functioning” with their stakeholders (employees, partners and clients) being listened and heard.


    Whatever I propose as activity here in GiftedLab, retain the most important thing about me: I want to help people understand, appreciate and realise their gifts/talents better. I’m here to serve you and spread knowledge useful to you. My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m passionate about. I certainly won’t have all the answers but I will probably know how and where to search for them.

    I hope we will have a chance to meet and work together.