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  • My Future Job Workshop

    1/2 day, 1 day, and design your own workshop
    In person
    Ref: MFJW
    Price: 160€ ili 480€

    Activity Description

    Two workshop options exist in-person 4 individual sessions with the facilitator or workshop in groups of 3 to 7 trainees.

    Need to be reserved in advance. Contact us!


    The goals of this workshop are to help teenagers and young adults:

    • Identify interests
    • Enhance Self-Awareness by building a personal model using LEGO bricks designed to inspire the use of metaphors and personal story making.
    • Make career choices and/or build career and training plans
    • Learn to know themselves better, to get informed, to analyze environments, training, and careers
    • Develop self-confidence and academic motivation by strengthening and increasing a sense of personal effectiveness
    • See which school programs and work environments suit them the best
    • Overcome common thinking errors and be more close to their own truth
    • Implementation of an action plan
    • Development of the 1st professional project in alignment with professional reality
    • Recommendations on how to present themselves (interviews, motivational letters, CVs, etc.)

    The Next Sessions


    Teens, and Young Adults



    Teaching Method and Strategies


    Follow-up and Evaluation Procedures

    Possibility to enroll in other programs we propose



    Detailed programme

    A detailed program will be given as soon as a workshop group is formed or an individual session booked.