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    I am also a learning coach for gifted, talented, and 2e children! I want to foster enjoyable learning experiences for gifted, talented, and 2e students, and all children that have a thirst for knowledge.

    If the child is twice-exceptional or needs special care, I will need to get information about your experts’ recommendations about your child.

    A learning coach is someone who proposes personalized and tailor-made support and assistance to a child/teen/young adult on his academic journey:  help him/her take charge of his/her own academic “destiny” and help identify his/her goals and work toward them. Coaching is also unlocking a person’s potential to maximize his/her performance. It is helping her/him to learn rather than teaching/learning together with him/her.

    Every student experience challenges from time to time and has a blurred vision of his strengths and potentials. A learning coach works with a child to design strategies that work with his/her strengths to manage the challenges he/she faces or can face in the future.

    Rather than applying force to make skill building happen, a learning coach will help a child uncover his/her internal motivation for mastering self-management, organizational skills and find more about his/her strengths and potentials.

    I offer both short and long formats of learning coaching. Short ones are focused on finding a way through specific, short-term challenges (procrastination, bad working habits, underachievement, etc.) a child may have at one point of his schooling time.  The long format of coaching sessions (deep coaching) is when we work together for a certain period and may even work on future school and career choices. It’s not intense coaching because we see each other once in three or four weeks.

    Learning coaching is creating the optimal learning environment for every student.


    Miona Majstorović Lemaître
    Learning Coach for Gifted, Talented, and 2e
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    About Me

    Hi everyone! I have been teaching French Language at the beginning of my career even before getting my degree as French Teacher. After working in business sector for 10 years, I’m now focused on teaching and creating educational material  for children and adults but also supporting gifted, talented and 2e learners through social-emotional learning (SEL) and learning coaching, two domains where we need to give extra care to see their potentials spread as well as keep their personalities, extraordinary curiosity and drive intact.



    Learning Coaching as tailor-made service also means that I will welcome direct and/or email communication from both parents and students when ever it’s needed. I will also inform parents about progress through debriefing reports of every session we did together so that they can track progress on their side.

    Fill out the form below to schedule a free 30-minute session to discuss your child’s learning support needs
    and discover if we can start working together.


    30 Minute Meeting
    No charge
    Discuss your child’s learning support needs to determine the match.
    Initial consultation
    Includes two 60-minute meetings to develop a learning support plan.
    Single pre-purchased hour
    For as needed check-ins.
    Five-pre-purchased hours
    Discount pricing of 50€ per hour.

    Purchasing Policy
    • There are no partial refunds for unused sessions.
    • All sales are final.
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    In addition to helping to learn, I also propose Social-Emotional Learning Coaching to help children develop life-saving skills. See Miona’s Classroom/Miona’s Classes and Courses Page.

    I help you detect a child’s potentials through Strengths-Based Assessment, Early Career Guidance, and Coaching. See Consulting Page.