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  • About GiftedLab

    Welcome to my GiftedLab’s Website, a “platform” for varied and multi-format activities for parents, educators, (gifted, talented & 2e) students, organizations, and teams.

    GiftedLab’s website is a hybrid “platform” that reflects my multifaceted personality and presents a particular kind of “laboratory” where we are going to work in different ways on “developing and unlocking YOUR potentials”.

    It will be possible to attend classes, courses, webinars, workshops, consulting, coaching, and discussion sessions but also take part in many other community-based activities ( BookCrunching, Book Club, Book Study Service for Professionals and Educators, listen to Podcast, etc. )


    Whether you are officially detected as gifted, talented, twice-exceptional ( G/T/2e ), or having an average IQ, every one of us has come to this world with a unique set of talents ( gifts ) to be expressed and shared with others.


    In reality, apart from the rare examples, most of us aren’t using our talents to the maximum extent. The majority of us, deep inside, strongly believe we don’t have many ( if any ) talents. Some of us distort and/or misuse them, some of us don’t get a chance to discover our talents at all…reasons and scenarios of neglecting our gifts and underachieving are numerous. Obviously, in various ways and circumstances, in the long run, we pay a high price for disregarding our talents or not using them appropriately.


    My professional activity is built on a passion to see more people using their potentials. With GiftedLab, I want to bring change as much as it’s in my power to do so.


    I’m in this to make a difference: to help you build a life where you know your strengths and where you actively use your strengths. Everything that you have inside and never had an opportunity to let out, GiftedLab will be a “laboratory” where we will try together to make them real. I will do my best to help you find it and express it as your own set of talents. Through my free and payable content and anything else I might offer — GiftedLab will also be YOUR place to create a life that’s comfortably tailored for you and a place where we demonstrate endless human capacity to build, customize, and innovate in joy and communion.


    Let’s see together how to better use your gifts/talents!

    GiftedLab’s Missions: MY WHYs

    So, my first mission is to bring in practice strength-based career orientation not only for adults, teams, and organizations but also for children, teens, and young adults in a way where parents and educators are actively participating and assisting in their children’s gaining of self-knowledge and tailor-made career options instead of feeling anxious, confused and adrift when it comes to deciding what they’ll do for a living.

    I help children, teens, young adults “save” their talents, detect what potential/talent they have as early as possible so that they can “try out” career options and not find themselves, like the majority of people nowadays, in the 30s or in 40s trying to figure out how they’re going to make it now when they see it’s obvious that they’re fed up and exhausted with the job they do. I want to help them enjoy a fulfilling career that honors their unique self-expression and leaves them motivated, energized, and enthusiastic.

    I assist those who want to step out of the ready-made careers that are presented to them, supporting their journey of becoming conscious creators of their own career path, helping them find most importantly, find their tailor-made career option and their “why”.

    I also help teams and organizations become more efficient by allowing the whole range of strengths of their employees to be discovered and applied during work and by making team members conscious of their common strengths as a team. I assist teams to find strategies and insights on how to apply their strengths in practice.

    My second mission is to support “Emotion Revolution”: introducing emotional literacy as a part of curriculum, organizational cultures, and our personal lives.

    It’s sad to see how many ( even highly educated ) people lack social and emotional skills, and we still don’t know how to communicate with each other. The social-emotional skills and this is confirmed by many scientific research results, are a building foundation of our lives, and necessary ingredient to see our “giftedness”, a potential that we ALL have, find its form of expression.

    We should, instead of continuing to let children learn these life-saving skills randomly, without organized instruction, propose them to learn them as a part of the (after) school curriculum. These skills learned at school will be useful to them even when they become professionals or parents.

    I created a few SEL workshops and create on demand (after) school program & curriculum that integrates life-saving skills for all children. I propose SEL consulting sessions with or without a focus on gifted populations. In this way, I support parents/educators in becoming emotional “coaches” to their children/students. I also help adults acquire self-awareness about their social-emotional skills that will help them thrive in life. With emotions in check, we see clearly. We become the conscious creators of our lives.

    My third mission is to propose program(s) that focus(es) on the social-emotional needs of gifted, talented & 2e in particular.

    I want to ensure that gifted, talented, and 2e Communities get the specific socio-emotional support they need in order to thrive and develop their obvious talent(s). Learning about their inner specific psychological functioning and self-management will assure their health, well-being, and success. For far too long, this population’s social-emotional needs have been neglected and provoked unnecessary talent loss and underachievement. The social-emotional part is only one factor in one’s success but critical if we want to see Gifted, Talented & 2e
    (GT2e) Community freely express themselves and walk their own path toward authentic expression.

    I will also try to be 2e children advocate, the one who is spreading the information about them because these children are rarely discovered in schools: their gift covers their handicap so their results just stay average while they have all inner characteristics of the gifted. That is why these kids really have to have special socio-emotional support. We would be surprised to hear how many famous and honorable people were 2e.

    My fourth mission is to teach passionate learners from around the world the things I’ve learned with passion during years of schooling.

    I possess the necessary knowledge, degrees, certifications, and experience to be able to do this. The most important thing I possess is motivation, passion, and conviction that this is a way to bring a change. Everything done with intrinsic motivation and passion that I have normally would make some impact.

    With this hope in my heart, I will propose a series of classes, courses, workshops, discussion groups, lectures. I also hope to bring together as Giftedlab’s Contributors other people who also have the passion to spread the knowledge to others.


    I Realise My Missions Through:


    You can send me an e-mail at miona@giftedlab.org if you have any questions.
    You can also find me on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

    I regularly answer reader questions in blog posts that I hope will help lots and lots of people.
    Don’t hesitate to ask and to post comments on my blog articles – you may be the answer
    to someone else’s struggle!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.
    I’m thrilled and excited for the journey ahead if you join me.
    With all my passion to see more people using and sharing
    their unique set of gifts/talents with others,