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  • SEL Coach for Gifted, Talented, and 2e

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    In person
    Ref: SELCGT2e
    Price: 30€

    Activity Description

    Social and Emotional Learning – SEL Coaching is one of the ways I help children become more emotionally literate and know themselves better.
    As SECD Specialist, I help smart, creative, intense, or sensitive young people enhance self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-reliance, learn how to dial down weaknesses, compensate them and solve their interpersonal relationship challenges. I work with them directly, through SEL coaching sessions, teaching SEL classes and courses I create, or indirectly, through consulting sessions I offer to schools and educators. SEL is one of the domains where I strongly believe we need to give extra care in order to see children’s potentials spread as well as to keep their personalities, motivation, and health intact in this confusing world.


    Help children acquire life- and talent-saving skills

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    Children and teenagers



    Teaching Method and Strategies

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    Follow-up and Evaluation Procedures

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    Detailed programme

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