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  • Miona’s Workshops For Children, Teens, And Young Adults

    Miona’s Workshops for Children, Teens, Young Adults are created because it is important to work with them directly to support their growth. Here is how in GiftedLab we can support them :


    Discover Your Talents Workshop

    Strengths-Based Workshop for (Gifted) Children, Teens and Young Adults where they discover their strengths and unique combination of potentials to be developed.

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    My Future Job Workshop

    Workshop where we use LEGO bricks and other tools to develop self-awareness and deeper perspective of personalized professional direction.

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    BrainLab & Sensory Diet Workshop

    Workshop where we practice Right Brain Education, SEL and Self-Regulation Techniques combined.

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    Peers4Play Workshop

    Workshop where we use Smart Games® in order to develop valuable social skills and creative problem-solving.

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    SEL Peers4Play Workshop

    Workshop where we use LEGO bricks in order to support development of social-emotional and collaboration skills of children.

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    Possibility of Partnership with GiftedLab

    If you’re in charge of a school, a large school district, and see yourself partnering with GiftedLab to promote GiftedLab’s workshops focused on social-emotional learning or strengths spotting or want to be one of the first to know what this should bring, e-mail me to receive further information regarding workshop and training at miona@giftedlab.org. Let me know how many schools and kids you’d be interested bringing into this. We together can be bridges to the world with children realising their gifts at greater extend and where we collaborate with each other to bring more inclusive world than it’s today.