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  • Gifted Youth Discussion and Support Groups

    Why create Discussion and Support Groups for Gifted Children, Teenagers and Young Adults?

    Gifted Youth Discussion and Support Group provides a safe and welcoming environment where gifted children, teenagers and young adults can gather to, not only discuss the facts about giftedness, but to discover what it is like to be a gifted child, teenager and / or young adult. Also, all teens need practice putting concerns and feelings into words. Paradox is that gifted children/teens/young adults may be bright but they may not be skilled at communicating feelings and concerns clearly, genuinely, and effectively. Another tricky thing about gifted teens/young adult, even if they seem very sure of themselves and count among remarkable performers, is that they’re growing and developing with self-doubts and uncertainties about the present and future. The same goes to gifted underachievers who may not feel as self-assured and careless as some of them seem. Discussion and Support Groups help members to break down stereotypes and discover common ground, give affirmation for their humanness, have their feelings and experiences validated by others. Children, teens and young adults learn to affirm their complexity and make sense of their inner experience.

    Teen2Teen (T2T)/ YoungAdult2YoungAdult (YA2YA) 

    When: Whole school year; once, twice or three times per week
    Type of group: Closed
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Number of participants: Ideally 15 to 20 (minimum 5)
    Topics: Diverse
    Description: We talk constantly about how it’s to be a gifted child, but what happens when gifted child become gifted teenager or young adult etc?! Discussion and Support Groups for Gifted Teenagers and Young Adults in Miona’s Talk Room are safe place to talk about the journey of adolescence with others who share the experience. A teen or a young adult will find out what they have in common with others, learn to listen, gain experience in initiating and responding to conversation in a presence of nonjudgmental adults. The purpose of this group is to “just talk” – to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns with each other in an atmosphere of trust, respect, caring, and understanding. By “just talking” with caring peers and an attentive adult, kids gain self-awareness and self-esteem, learn to manage stress, build social skills and life skills, and discover they are not alone. The questions during discussion group provoke reflection, introspection and enhance self-awareness. It is beneficial to articulate feelings and thoughts in the presence of others who listen and care. The self-expression brings autonomy, independence and resilience. In times of crisis, being involved in a group might help, and even be crucial, whether or not others in the group are aware of the distress. This program can be done in all kinds of (after) school and group settings working with gifted kids in grades 6–12. Participation in the group is beneficial for thriving as well as underachieving gifted teens and young adults. Underachievers are amazed that achievers have social and emotional problems.
    Fee: Annual, 3 or 6 mos, or a group price is created for each group separately
    How to enroll: It is possible to schedule the groups. Choosing formats of Groups will be discussed when group forms.
    It can be organised in one school too.
    Online Group can consist of teens/young adults from different schools and areas.

    If interested that your children/students participate in future discussion group, please fill in the form here.
    If more than 18 years old, enroll in the next discussion session here.

    GiftedLab’s Book Club for Teens/Young Adults

    When: Several times per year for few weeks
    Type of group: Closed
    Duration: 60 minutes
    Number of participants: Ideally 15 to 20 (minimum 5)
    Topics: Varied
    Description: During these closed online (and offline) sessions, children will have a chance to reflect about important topics for their personal development through reading and discussions with others.
    Fee: Fixed for whole series of Book Club sessions
    How to enroll: Sessions for each Book Club Group are scheduled in advance.
    It can be organised in one school too.
    Online Group can consist of teens/young adults from different schools and areas.

    See the list of scheduled Book Club program for Teens/Young Adults here.
    Enroll in the next Book Club Group here.
    If interested to schedule Book Club for Teens/Young Adults, please fill in the form here.

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    In GiftedLab, we organise different discussion and support groups in different languages: Serbian, Croatian, French and English.